Austin, Texas

Where do you live?
Jersey City

200 hr, LDPY (2015); Barre, YogaWorks (2014); Pilates, Yoga Works (2014); TRX Suspension Training Level 1 and 2 (2011); MadDogg Spinning, A.F.A.A. Group Fitness (2009); and according to a tanktop I have from LDPY, I’m also a Certified Badass

# of years teaching yoga:

Do you have a second professional life?
Group Fitness Instructor, several genres.

What are your outside interests outside the studio?
Staying on my pursuit of happiness whatever that looks like from day to day, dancing in my apartment and talking to my sisters on the phone.

Where’s your favorite space to rejuvenate in the city?
Rockaway Beach or any rooftop pool.

Favorite pre- and post-yoga snacks/meals:
Usually something from Baked TriBeCa…I change it up.

What’s your favorite pose?
Today it’s Triangle and always Crescent Lunge.

The pose I have a complicated relationship with:

What song can you put on repeat?
Blue Highway by Billy Idol.

I love:
beach, sangria, singing out loud and my husband Joshua.

I want:
a 10-day vacation.

Yoga gives me:
brutal honesty.

When I was little I wanted to be:
a Radio DJ.

I want to change:
the things I have little or no control over.

I want to give:
100% Emily Fawcett realness.

When I wake up I:
go over everything and everyone that I am thankful for.

When I teach I feel:
at home, purposeful and proud – I feel like a Lyoness.