Whether you are wanting to start meditating or wishing to refine and enhance your existing practice: this is the perfect workshop for you!
This is an all-in-one comprehensive exploration of meditation practice suitable for all levels. Just as in an asana class a teacher guides your body through verbal cues, Nick will guide you through cues for your mind- leading you into a profound state of clarity and peace, grounded in the present moment. The content is completely non-denominational and not religious in nature. It can be used to create a daily practice or enhance an established practice. All levels welcome.In this two hour workshop you will:
• Explore how meditation and asana practice support one another.
• Engage in three guided meditations.
• Participate in discussion with time for questions and answers.
• Gain the tools to establish a daily meditation practice that fits your lifestyle.
Nick has been studying and practicing meditation for over 30 years. He spent ten years as a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan tradition where he taught meditation practice and guided many workshops and retreats. After starting to practice Baptiste yoga 16 years ago he came to appreciate the deep connection and benefit that comes from both a regular asana and meditation practice. Since that time he has been teaching meditation instruction at various yoga studios, wellness centers and universities.


WHEN: Saturday, July 23rd from 3-5pm

HOW TO SIGN-UP: Under ENROLLMENTS on the website class schedule now, or by calling the studio (646-490-8888).

**Signing up for a workshop at The Den is like buying tickets to a concert – Once you’ve purchased them, they are yours! No cancellations or refunds – If you cannot attend and want someone else to take your place to sweat it out & you arrange this swap, we are happy to accommodate that request! Thank you!**

Also note: This meditation workshop is a great introduction to Lyons Den Power Yoga’s meditation program with Nick, to begin this fall!

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