Josephine Olivia Lyons Murray

Den Mascot

Chi-weenie (AKA “The Chiween”, AKA Rescue Mutt) #rescuesarethebestbreed

I am approximately 11 inches tall, and 24 inches from my nose to the base of my tail.


Southern, CA. I was flown to NYC with Project Flying Chihuahuas (through Kinder4Rescue) & Bethany came upon me at an adoption event, post-yoga on the Upper West Side. Fifteen minutes later I was headed to Chelsea as a foster – my foster status quickly changed to permanent resident.

My favorite time of day is:
DINNER TIME. It lasts about 30 seconds, but it’s the best moment of the day!

I love being the den mascot because: 
I get to visit all my friends at the studio, sometimes I get treats, I get to keep tabs on mom/dad and I am always offered belly rubs.

What’s your favorite pose?
Savasana. I do it on command, if you have a treat, (really, I do).

My most important job at home is:
regulating the cats (I have two feline sisters – both rescues: Mocha & Lily), and also regulating any delivery people who get buzzed up.

My best friend is:
Chamois, my grand-dog-mom’s rescue cat. We hunt together and we play hide and seek. I’m also pretty tight with Murphy (Aneta’s dog who also sometimes hangs at the studio) – but to be clear, we’re JUST FRIENDS

My zen place is:
going to “the country in Bucks County, PA, where I can run, chase birds/squirrels/deer and dig holes.

My preferred method of travel is:
in the Corvette, strapped in with the seat-belt, top down, of course.

My favorite outfit is:
my hooded, 5-star camo winter coat (because I’m little and I get cold) or my faux sherpa jacket.

My secret passion is: 
Cardio – I can run like a greyhound.

I want:
to eat at all times of the day, always.

I really love:
the blowout I receive after bath time.

I am famous for:
my expressive, giant bat ears and a very distinctive side-eye.