Lyons Den Power Cubs is a yoga and mindfulness program for children ages 2-12. Children
learn principles of yoga in fun, playful and imaginative ways. Each class is designed for your
little ones to build strength, confidence, connection and focus. Power Cubs is led by a
certified children’s yoga instructor. (Resuming fall of 2017)


• Classes are divided by age: 2-4 yrs, 5-7 yrs, 8-12 yrs
• Classes are one hour and teach time is approximately 45 minutes
  (for tIme before class to get settled and time after to prepare to leave)
• Attire: Play clothes are best – if it works for the playground,
  it will work for yoga.
• Adults can stay but it is not required. We offer simultaneous adult
classes in our second studio. Check out our schedule.

• Cub classes are not heated.

Photo Credit: A Wild Dove