At Lyons Den Power Yoga we practice Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga which is a dynamic practice with movements that contract and lengthen our muscles. This style of yoga is considered Yang Yoga where through full body integration we build fire (tapas) and create space through breath and focus. On the other side of the spectrum, Yin Yoga is a deep practice that encourages the body to relax rather than engage. Yin is a perspective shift, it is as much a mental practice as it is a physical practice, moving inwardly to find a balanced state of peace. In this practice we focus on releasing the connective tissue “fascia” to create range of motion in our joints and muscles by targeting ligaments, bones and joints. Yin generally targets the hips, lower back and legs. Yin Yoga is the perfect counter to the firey Yang practice of Power Vinyasa.
Join seasoned teacher, Braxton Rose for this two-hour workshop where you will learn and practice:

-The Three Principles of Yin Asana

-Releasing Connective Tissues (Fascia, Tendons, Ligaments)

-Freeing Emotions Stored in your Body

-Postures as a Therapeutic Experience

-Understanding how Trauma is Experienced Spiritually, Emotionally, and Physically

-Yin Asanas such as Dragon, Saddle, and Twisted Root

-Establishing Knowledge to Continue a Home Practice.

This workshops is suitable for all levels of students: avid yoga practitioners, athletes of any kind and anyone looking to take some time to slow down in their busy lives.


When: Saturday, July 30th

Time: 3-5pm

Investment: $49


**Please note: signing up for a workshop is like buying tickets to a concert – once you’ve purchased them, they are yours! No cancellations or refunds. If you cannot attend and want someone else to take your place & you arrange this swap, we are happy to accommodate that request! Thank you!**

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